We are plant enthusiasts bringing like-minded people together to find free plants, rare plants and exchange expertise for happy growing! We hate seeing plants being trashed, abandoned or destroyed and believe every plant deserves a good home.

This is not a selling platform. It’s to connect green thumbs to share and expand their plant collection as well as save those plants that risk being homeless.

If the below sounds like you, you are in the right place:

  • Are you moving, retiring or simply bored of your plant? Find it a new loving home through Rehome button.
  • Do you have too many plants and willing to give one away? Go to Rehome and ISO sections to find a plant parent match.
  • Did you end up with too many of one genus and thinking about trading it for something else? We got you – check out our Trade classifieds.
  • As we all know, current plant collection is never big enough! Find free plants in your area through Adopt button.
  • Have you been on a hunt for that one plant? Ask others if they have one available in ISO section.
  • Do you have a unicorn plant or a jungle in your home? Share your pics with our Community, we’d love to see!

Remember – your unwanted plant is someone else’s dream!

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